Mobile car wash in Malaysia

First mobile car wash in Malaysia

Moving Car Wash uses the highest quality of car detailing products including specialty glazes, detailing clay bars, tire and wheel cleaners, leather clean and conditioning.

Moving Car Wash Malaysia is your go-to destination to get your Car demands fully met. We are an inquisitive team of automobile enthusiasts that’s curious about cars and ‘only’ cars. we are fast-growing Car Detailing Service experts near me. Our keen eye for detailing and unwavering commitment has yielded us a revered position in the industry with 100% Customer retention. Mobile Car Spa Specialize in all areas of Mobile Car Washing and Car Polishing services offering different levels of services from Quick Exterior Car wash, Interior Vacuuming & Cleaning and Exterior Car Polishing. We Offer Extensive Car Detailing using Professional & Luxury Chemicals, Wax Polishes, Glass Polishes, Car wash machine in Malaysia, Best moving steam wash in Malaysia, Door 2 Door car wash in Malaysia.

We always pay attention to detail. We provide an Auto detail service throughout Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Our Mission at Moving Car Wash is to provide a genuinely pleasant and satisfying auto detail experience to each of our customers at their doorsteps. We offer Professional Full Service Mobile Detailing to your Home & Business Premises. Your time is precious to us.

Our Vision to expand our relationship with consumers and Franchisee. Our Goal is providing services with integrity, efficiently, punctuality.

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Car Wash Equipement


OPTIMA STEAMER XD is not only a professional external car wash machine but also an excellent car interior cleaner because it is an effective disinfection machine and a chemical-free weed-remover. Also, it can be used for a multi-purpose cleaning machine without changing internal settings or parts. With a portable generator, the machine becomes a portable steam cleaner to clean even in outside. Optima Steamer XD is a better version of Optima Steamer DM(DMF). It is more convenient for function and use. For example, there is one emergency stop switch for safety. The size of tanks for water and fuel are increased. Also, it is so structurally convenient for maintenance. Its structure makes a user change the electric heater easily. Moreover, it has a compact and good looking.

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Moving Steam Car Wash

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We are always looking out for qualified people to become a Franchise Member. We are searching for smart and energetic people to help us share the incredible value of cleaning and sanitizing with steam Moving Car Wash.

The concept of Steam Cleaning is still new in many regions of the world, and its market potential is endless. Join in our team to offer the latest eco-friendly steam technology that will save your customers' money and avoid headaches. Become the first one to bring the future of green cleaning technology.

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“Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road.”

Our Best Services

Comprehensive Car Cleaning Services at Your Doorstep! It is becoming a global trend to get your car washed by on-demand, Smart App-based mobile car cleaning services. Once you make an on-line booking via Mobile App., mobile van will come to your location a and take care of your car while you go about your day.

Optima Steamer is hot enough to lift off any grease and soil and produces enough pressure to break down dirt, dust, and mud efficiently.

Optima Steamer leaves no residue and makes a car dried almost instantly, avoiding the hassles of clean-up and waste-water maintenance.

Optima Steamer enables auto detailers to detail cars by using the steam of high pressure. A cleaning job with steam usually requires no pre-soaking, chemical use, or labour of intensive scrubbing. So, it makes a cleaning process healthier and quicker. The steam of high pressure also neutralizes the germs and bacteria in your cabin. As the cleaning method of steam uses little water (less than 3 litres per service), it becomes an eco-friendly cleaning solution.


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A1 Optima Steamer has affiliations with many industry-leading groups.

We're always looking to partner up with organizations that match our mission and share similar goals.

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"With steam we're able to sanitize in about half the time as hot water and we figured we're using about 30 gallons over the half hour. So, water usage goes considerably down as well." –